Arvi Raid

Arvi Raid – Head of Keila Center of the Village of Hope

Arvi Raid came to the Village of Hope program in 2014 to get help getting rid of drug addiction. Has successfully completed the program in 2015 and after that, h ehad to go serve time for 7 months in a Finnish prison, for crimes he commited in his past life. Arvi’s attitude to life had changed so much that when he got free, he returned to Estonia with the goal to help other addicts in the Village of Hope.

In 2017, Arvi studied half a year at the Canadian Center of the Village of Hope, under the guidance of Andrew Vähi, co-founder of the Village of Hope. At the beginning of 2018 Arvi came back from Canada and started tol ead Keila Center of the Village of Hope, helping people who have finished the program to integrate safely into society. In addition, everyday work tasks include teaching lessons, counseling, supervising work placements, and being a role model for those in the program.