We do receive a small subsidy by the state, but we are largely dependent on the support of friends to keep our doors open. It costs a significant amount each month to feed, clothe and train each man or woman in our care – but each life is worth it! 

Others help by bringing teams to our campus for one or two weeks at a time to help with various maintenance and construction projects.  

At the Village of Hope there are up to 40 men and women living onsite who are working to get their lives back on track. There are numerous other program-related costs for electricity, insurance, administration, medicine, maintenance and more. Read more about the program of the Village of Hope and its results. 

In 99% of the cases, the people who need rehabilitation services are unable to pay for the year-long participation in the program. Most have not been employed for a long time, they may even come straight from the street… This is why we cover the costs of their stay here at the Village… to help them find a new start in life.

Your support is needed

One of the main aim’s of the Village program is to teach good work ethic, some skills and team work. The revenue from the sale of the products we produce also helps cover the costs the costs of operating our program. Read more about our industry.

In addition to current activities at the Village of Hope, we also operate the Keila Center, as a second phase residence where our graduates may live as part of their recovery after graduating from the program. 

Hope Partners

Hope PartnersFor only €25 per month, you can help change a life!

YOU can help sponsor one man or woman monthly through our Hope Partners program. To learn more about sponsoring monthly Contact us.

If you’d like to make a one-time donation, you many do so using the links below. 

We are also grateful for donations of food, clothes, furniture, building material and other things necessary for developing our centres. 

Thank you for helping lay a new foundation in hundreds and men and women’s lives.

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