Summary of rehabilitation work done in 2012

36 new men joined the program in Village of Hope in 2012. This number has been the same in recent years.

9 men graduated from the program successfully, for today 2 men, who joined the program in 2012 have graduated also, and 9 men are continuing the program. This year 6 men have joined the program already.

In 2012 six men took part of the follow up- or training course, for today 4 of them have graduated the course successfully. Men participating in the follow-up course provide essential help to the Village staff in the work practice and lessons. At the same time, they are starting their independent service in needle exchange stations, in work with the homeless as well as just interacting with the addicts.

Since February 2013 there are 14 men in the program at Village of Hope and 2 men are participating in the follow-up course.

One important area in rehabilitation work is work with the family members. For that we use mostly 2 ways:

  • Personal lessons in couple/family counseling, where husbands prepare for the lesson during the week and the family meets at weekend. Usually it takes at least 10 lessons per family and the results have been positive also in real life.
  • Counseling depending of a concrete situation and finding solutions accordingly. This is a continuous work on a daily basis, since most of the family members are also addicts who need help.

60% of men who joined the program in 2012 were Russian speakers and 40% Estonian speakers. This has been different from the last couple of years, when the percentage of Estonians has dropped to 20%. Like in past years majority of participants come from Tallinn, Ida-Virumaa or Harjumaa but also from other parts of Estonia.

Average age of the participants is 34 years, this is somewhat lower than the average, i.e. younger men have joined the program during the recent year. 18 men left the program prematurely, 13 of them during the first month. This information is not new to us, since the existence of our program, we have seen that 45% of all who join our program quit during the first month. This is mainly because it requires too big change in their lives (no drugs, daily routine, work practice, lessons etc.)

Four people, who have finished the program in the Village of Hope and/or the follow-up course, have studied or are presently studying in the Bible school in Smolensk. The rest of the men are working in Tallinn or Paldiski as well as other parts of Estonia. Finding a job has not been difficult for most of men who have finished our program. Admitting the mistakes made in past and showing their new life with God, many doors have opened for employment. 75% of men, who have finished the program, are involved with different churches in Estonia.

We see that it is not always easy to integrate to everyday life. Life in the Village of Hope has its own routine; life in the “outside world” is harder at times and more challenging. Those, who have finished the program during last three years, we can say that they are seeking to find God in their everyday life sometimes more successfully and sometimes stumbling. We maintain good contact with most of them and are glad when they seek help from us or from some of their close relatives while trying to keep their straight path. In 2012 six men, who had finished the course in previous years, returned to the Village of Hope to renew their beliefs for 2-3 months, after which they return to their everyday life.

Throughout the ten years of our activity, 69% of graduates have stayed sober and continued to live a good and dignified life – they have found jobs, pay taxes to the government and their family relations have recovered. They fill their obligation to the society. The situation has been the same in 2012.

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