Support from Funds

Most of the financial means to cover the overheads of the Village of Hope come from donations made by kind people and generous organisations, or from the sale of the production of our timber industry.

Over the years various organisation have allocated purpose-oriented financial means to support major development projects. In recent years a number of funds and foundations have also provided us with project-related means.

From program PRIA – LEADER ESTONIA: for the acquisition of the wood splitter (2010); for the acquisition of office equipment (2011); planning the construction of (2010) and building (2012) the bridge of the entrance drive; 2018. sawmill sawdust collector. 

From Emergency Fund of OPEN ESTONIA FOUNDATION: for the preventive work, ensuring the sustainability of the services (2012).

From an application round of KÜSK, a program for donation collecting and development of practical implementation plan

The non-profit Christian Home Petrula (today the Village of Hope Järvakandi Center) has received funding from the, Designated Non-governmental Community Development Agency support program.

The Local Initiatives Program of Enterprise Estonia: for executing the construction project of the new multifunctional youth center to be established in Keila (2012).