For years, the activity of the Village of Hope has been supported by a number of congregations, organisations, groups, private persons and companies from Estonia, Nordic countries and  North America.

We are not provided with a monthly and granted activity subsidy by the state. The financial means to cover our needs are donated thanks to caring and kind hearts of good people individually and in organisations. Within the framework of different projects we have also been allocated financial  means from various funds for making investments and acquiring equipment.

A lot of firms and companies from Estonia, Sweden and elsewhere have given us building material for construction work, crushed stone for building roads, but also just money for other necessities related to our development projects.
People often just come here and take part in construction work or other blitzes at the the Village of Hope. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has helped us!

It is quite a challenge to cover our monthly overheads. In the Village of Hope there are constantly up to 25 people trying to get their lives back on track. We get food donations (from Estonia, Finland, Sweden) and this enables us to grant meals three times a day with almost no failure. Then there are numerous other program-related costs on electricity, insurance premiums, administration, household, medicine, maintenance and others. Read more about the program of the Village of Hope and its results.

In 99% of the cases the people who need rehabilitation are unable to pay for the participation in the program. They have not been employed for a long time, they may even come straight from the street... This is why we cover the costs related to the program from the donations made to the Village of Hope.

The people participating in the program are obligated to work at the Village of Hope either in the timber industry or elsewhere. The main aim of this work is to teach work ethic, some skills and team work, but the revenue from the sale of the production goes towards covering the costs incurred by the program. The average share that our industry is able to provide is approximately 20% of the costs. Read more about our industry.

In addition to current activities with the men in the Village of Hope, also the Keila Center, the Järvakandi Center and the work aimed at women are rapidly growing, and all these branches of development require financial support.

You can help too! Maybe it is 10 euros every month that you can support the Village of Hope with, maybe a little more...If everyone gives a little bit, we can get together all the funds required.

We are also grateful for donations of food, clothes, furniture, building material and other things necessary for developing our centre. Any help from both private persons and companies is very welcome.

We are very grateful for every donation made to support the rehabilitation work! By means of donations you can make your contribution to laying a foundation for the men's new lives and this way, their families' and close people's lives, too.

Please make donations to the bank account of ECPC The Village of Hope Congregation (included in the list non-profit organisations, foundations and religious associations eligible for income tax incentives) or the NGO The Village of Hope.

Donations can be made directly to the Keila Center, the Järvakand Center, or for the work with women. The accountnumbers are available on our contact page.



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